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Retail Systems is proud to be partner of the Internet Retailing Expo 2015, the trade show for multichannel retailers and ecommerce professionals.

The Chinese market is massive with a growing number of affluent consumers eager for Western products – but persuading them to buy rather than take a shopping trip to Paris may not always be easy.

IRX 2015 welcomes China as 2015 guest country. As part of our international eCommerce knowledge offering we have delevoped 4 different features to showcase the latest Chinese multichannel performance.

Whether it is about brand awareness or product penetration, legality requirements or finance situation, online and mobile environment or Intellectual property violation, find all the help you need and make your way into China starting at IRX 2015.

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Jiangsu Pavilion   Alibaba Retailer Case Study

IRX will be hosting a pavilion where 10 TOP Chinese technology providers will be showcasing their products. eCommerce platforms, cloud solutions, business park management, Marketing and brand management or technology equipment are some of the areas covered in the pavilion.

Register free now and come to the Jiagnsu pavilion to meet the technology experts of the biggest market place of the world.


At the omnichannel store of the future conference happening on the 26 march (second day), Ken Ardali – International eCommerce Director at will be Evaluating Consumer Trends in China and highlighting the key challenges encountered when expanding in a key international market.

The International&Cross Border stream will also host retailers like Supergroup, eBay or Jack Wills showcasing strategies for overcoming significant challenges associated with planning, establishing and growing retail operations in multiple countries.

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IMRG Lounge   Brands Direct Marketplaces

IMRG has recently published the China Cross-Border Trading Passport 2014, a useful guide to entering the Chinese eCommerce market and their experts will be at IRX to answer question about this or any other cross-border market.

Whether it is political, economic, logistical or a simply territorial question book a one to one meeting with them and find the right answers you need to expand your business internationally.


China is the biggest marketplace of the world and one in four UK retailers will use marketplaces in 2015 to expand their business.

Sophistication, new opportunities and trading models will be the key points of this feature where we’re bringing to life the growing capabilities of marketplaces as commerce channels for brands, retailers and traders.

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Some of IRX 2015 speakers

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